This book is coming together. Word by word, scene by scene. Some days I’m in love with it. Some days I hate it so much I can’t imagine how I ever thought this was a good idea. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with the fervent belief that I should break the story lines apart and start over. Talked myself down from that ledge.

Here’s where I am now in terms of word count:

SECTION 1 – 17,500
SECTION 2 – 17,400
SECTION 3 – 17,200
SECTION 4 – 16,900
SECTION 5 – 10,000

TOTAL: 79,000

That seems like a big jump since my last progress report, but I wrote that post as I was getting the blog together, so it was a bit outdated by the time I published it. In the last 10 weeks, I’ve written an average of 4,400 words per week, which is over my 3,000 goal, so: YAY.

I’m overwriting. There’s bloat everywhere.

But I’m feeling more anxious than ever to get this first draft OUT so that I can see whether it hangs together. When the story is finally out my head and onto the page, it will be:

Unfit for consumption

But! I’ll know what I’ve got. And that’s something.

A running buddy said to me once: “Jennifer, you’re just like a horse when they catch sight of the barn. You go faster the closer you get to home.” I suppose she was right.

I’m nowhere near the home stretch yet, but I can see vague shapes in the distance that look promising.

Still on track to have a first draft finished sometime in October. The hustle continues.

Temporary tattoo from the geniuses at Tattly.