One part of me knows that the number of words on a page is the LEAST important thing about my writing. The other part of me can’t stop watching the word counter. This is the same reason I cover up the electronics panel on gym equipment; I start obsessing over how many calories I’m burning per minute, and WHAT ARE METS AND HOW CAN THEY HELP ME.

Since I can’t very well drape a towel over my computer monitor, I’m not going to fight it. And that’s okay, because here’s the truth: the numbers comfort me. Irrelevant as they might be, they make me feel like I’m getting somewhere.

This seems like a good time to establish a starting point. When I dusted my manuscript off in April, I had about 20,000 words or so.

Here’s what I’ve got now:

Section 1: 15,900 words
Section 2: 16,200 words
Section 3: 13,800 words
Section 4: 8,000 words

TOTAL; 46,700

See how I’m rounding off? That KILLS me.

But that’s where I am today, give or take a few.

My weekly goal is 3,000 (new) words. That’s in addition to fiddling, tweaking, and smoothing the work I’ve done already. I’m guessing that the finished product will be between 90-100,00 words, which means I’ve got about 50,000 words to go. If I meet my goal every week, I’ll have a rough first draft in about 19 weeks.

Let’s see how this goes.